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Who we are?

Ogee Oil Brings Years of Experience in International Trade

We Leverages Extensive and Cumulative Knowledge-Base as to Offer Value Services in the Areas of Oil & Gas.

Year on Year Growth


Million Tons of Oil



Completed Transactions

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We offer E2E Trading Services

Trading Activities

OGee Oil trading activities across many locations allows us to consolidate sources of supply meet customer deman.

Centralized Operation

OGee Oil is managing global trading from a central location in Abu Dhabi, OGee as a trading company is positioned to sell Oil and Gas products around the world.

Global Reach

OGee Oil is well positioned to match supplies from multiple extraction points with the needs of customers in multiple markets.

24/7 Operations

OGee Oil has multiple trading branches in various time zones across the globe, allowing the group to boost its performance with non-stop trading 24 hours a day.

Supply Chain Stability

OGee Oil has the ability to mix and match supplies from multiple sources also allows for greater supply chain stability and lower the risk.

Cost & Risk Control

OGee Oil will help to reduce and control costs and Risks of freights and improve logistics.


We adopt commitment, devotion and loyalty towards our partners. We Act in pursuit to deliver values.


Our Delivered quality is bases on specifications, measures, effectiveness, conformance and totality of our engagements and processes.


We are honest, open and consistent when it comes to business ethical principles, conduct and moral values.


As enabler to our partners from marketing to finance to operations. We run business in open and dynamic way.

We deliver specialized services

Ogee Services

Trading Services
Ogee Oil & Gas Products Trading Company  About us Trading Services
OGee is an enabler, managing the complete lifecycle through our comprehensive delivery framework. With our consultants and partners, we implement best practice in commodities trading and provide full operations management and control.
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Trading Services


We are international commodity trading company specialized in trading activities.


We offer 24/7 access to oil and gas commodities markets in various time zones.


We have the ability to mix and match supplies from multiple sources for more stability

Business Consulting
Ogee Oil & Gas Products Trading Company  About us Business Consulting
OGee oil and its sister organization OGee Consulting offer dedicated Consulting Services paying attention to supply and market information.
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Business Consulting


We are open, honest, and operate solely in the best interest of our clients.


Our Business model and innovation results in an entirely different type of engagement.

Continuous Improvement

We Deliver outstanding Services understanding of all factors affecting the Supply chain.

Value Chain
Ogee Oil & Gas Products Trading Company  About us Value Chain
We use dynamic comprehensive analysis process that considers factors around supply, capacity planning, regulatory and new entrants and mitigating risk.
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Value Chain


We meet contracts and mandates to supply commodities on time with no disruption.

Noise Free

We Build impressive relationships with leaders in the oil and gas industry and can help eliminate the noise.


Operations covering many trade routes and with an extensive global network of partners.

Procurement Mngt
Ogee Oil & Gas Products Trading Company  About us Procurement Management
End to End governance of procurement policies, principles, targets and strategies that are mandated for all OGee oil departments and agencies. Our well-structured process – including business principles, engagement rules, processes, KPIs, KQIs and deliverables
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Procurement Management


Our guidelines defining how the process should be simply-executed.


We Provide vehicle to systematically manage processes and sub-processes.


Proper and solid procurement management processes

Risk Management
Ogee Oil & Gas Products Trading Company  About us Risk Management
A continuous process of risk management assesses the status identifies new risks, whilst monitoring the effectiveness of implemented risk reduction techniques.
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Risk Management


We optimize the risk management process to be well governed and managed.

Real Time

Non-stop severity and mitigation thresholds monitoring.


Our Risk Management practice is proven to be effective through the year.

Sales & Marketing
Ogee Oil & Gas Products Trading Company  About us Sales Marketing
Our Sales team will help you to transform your business into new vistas. Our team implement a continuous improvement to your sales.
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Sales & Marketing


Our experience sales team will make sure your products will have a global reach.

Higher Conversion

OGee maintain and grow vital areas of your sales channels.

Process Driven

OGee Oil develops methodologies and processes to rewire sales operations.