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OGee Oil specializes in supplying petroleum products and derivatives to the far eastern market place.
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  • Value Chain
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Business Consulting

Value Chain

  • Today’s value chain is far more dynamic, driven by new entrants consolidating their position in this complex and exacting environment.
  • OGee uses a dynamic comprehensive analysis process that considers factors around supply, capacity planning, regulatory and new entrants, mitigating risk and driving business flexibility.
  • Our process puts operational efficiency to the fore, ensuring consistency in supply and a comprehensive management of factors effecting business value.

Risk Management

  • OGee Oil Risk Management mitigates risk.  We define and scope risk for each and every transaction.
  • A risk assessment is conducted during the supply planning phase, identifying the potential risks and analyzing each one to determine the likelihood and impact should it occur.
  • A continuous process of risk management assesses the status identifies new risks, whilst monitoring the effectiveness of implemented risk reduction techniques, escalating as appropriate, and actioning contingency and mitigation plans as required.

Procurement Management

  • OGee Oil Procurement Framework includes the end to end governance of procurement policies, principles, targets and strategies that are mandated for all OGee oil departments and agencies.
  • The OGee Oil Procurement Framework identifies the overarching objectives that are delivered complement, not override, the broader customer procurement rules that remain central to decision-making.
  • Our well-structured process – including business principles, engagement rules, processes, KPIs, KQIs and deliverables – drive the use of agile and incremental methods rather than traditional cascade procurement approach aligning us with contemporary best practice.

Business Consulting

  • OGee oil and its sister organization OGee Consulting offer dedicated turnkey solutions, paying particular attention to supply and market information designed help you gain advantage in this difficult environment.